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Robotic Total Stations

A man sets up a Hemisphere S631 GNSS Receiver in front of a city.
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Robotic total stations

What sets Bench Mark apart?

At Bench Mark we provide superior products and service at an affordable price. We have been supplying robotic total stations to North America for the past 15 years. We have the experience to find you a solution that works for you and we pride ourselves in providing a precise solution at an affordable price. All of our total stations are tested to ensure they meet our high standards for accuracy and durability. We want to ensure that our robotic total stations will save you time and money, and our robotic total stations have the leading automation technology on board to ensure that any two man job is turned into a one man job. The robotic total station is the solution that will allow you to revolutionize the way you work.              


A robotic total station is a total station that can track a prism without user intervention. This, combined with a long-range data link, allows a robotic total station to be operated by a single user, whereas a traditional total station typically requires a two man crew to operate. The Geomax Zoom90 includes features to direct the operator to new points, permitting fast and easy layout work.

A robotic total station has the ability to revolutionize the way you work. However, you have to ensure that you have all of the proper equipment. Talk to our sales team today to find out what you need for your applications.


A robotic total station allows you to achieve different levels of accuracy depending on the model you go with. At Bench Mark we carry everything from 1” to 5” robotic total stations. Talk to our sales team today to find the solution that works best for your solutions.

Affordable robotic total station

Accurate & effective equipment

Designed and built to the most stringent standards with the latest measurement technologies, the GeoMax Zoom90 robotic total station features quadruple axis compensation. This device is extremely efficient, reliable, and durable, capable of withstanding the most severe environments. Rated to IP55 and capable of performing in temperatures from -20 to +55 Celsius, the Zoom90 works as hard as you do. Capable of measuring with exact pinpoint precision with an extensive range; the coaxial, high-accuracy EDM uses the most advanced technology currently available. The long-range Bluetooth handle provides reliable, long-distance connectivity to your data collector without the headache of frequency licensing. Available in one, two, three, and five-second models, the Zoom90 robotic total station gives you all the precision you need. Paired with a data collector running Carlson SurvCE or MicroSurvey FieldGenius, the Zoom90, available at Bench Mark, is reliable, accurate and effective.

Bench Mark US - Land surveying equipment

Robotic total stations

Reliable and affordable robotic total stations

At Bench Mark we promise to deliver you the highest level of service possible. For the past 15 years we have staked our reputation around the service we provide. Every time you call our office you speak to a real human who has years of experience in the industry. We have trained engineers on staff who can answer your questions, who know how to solve your problems. Whether you are using a robotic total station, a gnss receiver, or a depth sounder we have the answers you need. We thrive on our ability to support our customers, and when you choose to go with us we promise to support you for years to come.