Hemisphere S631 Base and Rover

The Hemisphere S631 and Autel Evo II RTK form the ultimate photogrammetry package for surveyors. With real-time corrections via cellular connectivity, the drone achieves centimeter-level positioning without post-processing. The Hemisphere S631 is a high-precision GNSS receiver supporting multiple satellite constellations, while the Autel Evo II RTK integrates RTK technology into the drone system. This powerful combination enables surveyors to capture precise aerial imagery for accurate 3D models and maps without the need for post-processing.

Product details

  • Triple Frequency Multi Constellation Receiver
  • Fix on Any Constellation
  • Best in Class Canopy Performance
  • Internal 1 Watt Satel Radio – 10 km Range
  • LTE Internal Cell Modem
  • 9 Hour Hot Swappable Batteries
  • 1.3 kg with Batteries
  • Centimeter Level Positioning with NTRIP Corrections
  • Quick Set Mission Profiles
  • Photo Replication
  • Multi-Battery Missions
  • 9+ Mile Range

Package includes

  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Base Receiver
  • Hemisphere S631 GNSS Rover Receiver
  • UHF Antennas
  • 4x Batteries
  • Mesa2 Windows 10 Rugged Tablet
  • MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius 10
  • Tripod
  • Adjustable 2m Pole
  • 1x Autel Evo II Drone Series 3
  • 1x 6k Camera
  • 1x Gimbal Cover
  • 3x Spare Propellors
  • 1x Smart Charging Cable and Block
  • 1x Evo II Battery Multicharger
  • 2x Batteries
  • 1x Hard Case
  • 1x 32 GB SD Card
  • 1x RTK Module
  • 1x Autel Robotics V3 Smart Controller
  • 1x Smart Charging Cable and Block
  • 2x Spare Controller Sticks
  • 1x Smart Controller Hanging Neck Strap




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