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GeoMeasure Optical Plummet Tribrach



Our Geo-Measure Optical Plummet Tribrach is a key instrument in the sub-millimetre positioning that we promise. Attached to a tripod, you can fasten any instrument on this Tribrach, whether it be a Total Station, GNSS Receiver or Prism Assembly by just twisting the locking handle. This Tribrach is compatible with the GeoMeasure Rotating Tribrach Adapter with Brass Insert.


Our GeoMeasure optical plummet tribrach is used to place your survey instrument on tripod, whether a total station, prism assembly, etc. The tribrach allows your survey instrument to be repeatedly placed in the same position with sub-millimetre precision by just loosening and re-tightening the locking handle. Our tribrach features a twist-focus (2.5x mag) and leveling screws with centre line.


  • Features a twist-focus (2.5X mag.) and leveling screws with center line
  • 8-min vial, 3-prong forced centering and a 5/8″ x 11″ base
  • Weighs 0.84 kg (1.85 lb)
  • Metal Construction


  • Optical Plummet Tribrach


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