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Pipe and Cable Locators

A hemisphere S320 being used to survey
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Pipe and cable locators

Why buy from bench mark?

We sell pipe and cable locators backed by industry-leading service and support. At Bench Mark, we want to create a one-stop shopping experience for surveyors and engineers. You can shop our vast supply of survey equipment to find everything you need to get your job done. You need a tough, reliable, and simple solution, which is why we carry SubSurface Instruments, which backs their products with a 7-year warranty, with products designed for easy, one-handed operation. We adhere to a commitment to supply high-quality products to our customers, and we can speak to the quality and durability of every pipe and cable locator we sell.


All of our pipe and cable locators contain several different working modes in order to meet any job you encounter. With the intuitive to use controller, you have the flexibility to complete any job.

A pipe inspection camera allows you to find faults before you start working. Use a pipe inspection camera to save money by limiting any unnecessary work.

In order to learn how to safely use a pipe and cable locator, you need extra training. Talk to one of our on staff engineers about your options today.

Top selling Pipe and cable locators in America

Products & experience you can trust

Here at BenchMark we carry a number of pipe and cable locators for your need. Our highest rated locator is the PL-2000 Multi-Frequency Pipe and Cable Locator. With three active frequencies and two passive frequencies, the PL-2000 you can find a frequency that works no matter the environment. With four different operating modes you have options for every job. Whether you need to perform cable and locating at a distance, need to determine the depth or locate sewer sondes, you have an option. The PL-2000 offers a variable transmitter and detecting unit that is completely shock and waterproof. Running on AA batteries the PL-200 does not rely on bulky and heavy lithium ion batteries. You can easily carry this detector around the job site all day without tiring out your arms. The entire system comes in a convenient soft carry case to protect the entire system during transport. Here at BenchMark we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality equipment and the SubSurface PL-2000 is no different.

The highest quality pipe and cable locators

We have what you need

We pride ourselves in giving you options at any price points with the options you need. Whether you need a pipe and cable locator, or a pipe inspection camera we have the equipment for any of you applications. Our inspection cameras have everything you would ever need built into the convenient carrying case. With an on-board monitor in the case you do not need to bring any extra equipment with you to the job site. Or if you need to trace the location of cable and pipe we have options including the PL-2000, PL-VF3 or the PL-VF10R to meet your needs. All of this equipment is backed by our expert staff with years of experience in the surveying industry. Talk to one of the trained engineers we have on staff today who can answer all of the questions you have.