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How is GPS Used in Farming?

Hi-Tech Farming

Although RTK surveying equipment might be what people know best when it comes to GPS equipment, it is far from the only technology that uses satellite navigation. Indeed, there are many RTK GPS systems that are entirely independent of the surveying industry, including those used in the farming industry.

Where to Find RTK GPS Systems in Farming


Many modern tractors come equipped with RTK GPS systems that help them navigate fields autonomously. This is essential for planting and harvesting crops, as well as ensuring a consistent and repeatable process for farmers.

Farmer controls autonomous harvester


For ranchers, RTK GPS systems can be used to lead herds between grazing areas, pastures and living quarters. Either as a handheld unit or as part of a vehicle, the equipment makes navigation a breeze and helps to reduce lost cattle instances.

Crop Planning

Before planting, RTK survey equipment can be used to plan the crops, including substitutions, crop borders and more. 

Find Your RTK GPS System Here

While the applications for RTK GPS systems are certainly very interesting to read about, they are even more interesting to see in action. Learn more about the technology, services and products available by contacting our team today.

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