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(2.2) Used Sokkia GRX2 (Topcon Hiper V) GNSS RTK Receiver




  • Internal UHF Radio
  • Network Rover Cellular Modem
  • Works under Tree Canopy
  • 10mm Accuracy


  • 1x GRX2 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • Battery x4
  • Charger x1
  • UHF Antennas x2


Unit History

This specific unit was used by a construction contractor as a base for machine control for many years. It is in excellent condition with only minor scuffs and scratches and fading on the top. The unit is working great, with the radio and cell modem both working great. This unit is a GPS and GLONASS model.



Sokkia has for years built their name on providing innovative and advanced surveying equipment. From their conception in 1920, Sokkia has been renowned for providing, accurate, rugged and reliable instruments for construction, engineering, survey, mining, and more. There total stations, GNSS receivers, robotic total stations and accessories have been staples of surveying sites for over 100 years. Purchased by Topcon in October 2011, Sokkia has continued to provide robust and reliable surveying solutions that are compatable with Topcon’s Magnet survey software. 

Sokkia GRx2

The Sokkia GRx2 was one of Sokkia’s most popular GNSS receivers of all time. With advanced features, and one of the first receivers to make GNSS surveying easy and reliable, it was an instant hit. The GRx2 is also one of the toughest receivers to ever be sold, with a robust and reliable communication options the GRx2 can be made to meet your needs. 

The Sokkia GRx2 can track up to 226 channels with the Universal Tracking Technology, and is a dual-frequency and dual-constellation receiver. With 4th generation RTK technology you get a capable receiver that is perfect for those looking to survey open sky construction sites or less contested environments. 

GPS: L1C/A, L1/L2 P-Code

GLONASS: L1/L2 CA, L1/L2 P-Code


Versatile and Easy to Use

The Sokkia GRx2 is designed to be easy to use and integrate into your workflow. With the ability to use GSM/HPSA modem the GRx2 is capable of being a network rover and the internal radio makes base and rover work a breeze. With the compatability to use FieldGenius, SurvCE and Magnet, you can work with the software you are familiar with. 

  • Built-in GSM/HSPA modem makes the GRX2 an ideal rover receiver for network RTK positioning.
  • The GRX2 can be used for both private RTK base and RTK rover using an internal digital UHF modem without any extra device.
  • The GRX2 is MAGNET Relay Ready – Cellular to Cellular base/rover RTK.
  • Voice messages notify the users when RTK is fixed or lost, or other problems occur. This feature dramatically increases work efficiency by eliminating a need for repeated checks with the controller display.


Used Equipment at Bench-Mark

All of our Bench-Mark used equipment is rigorously tested to ensure that it is still working optimally. We test every piece of equipment to ensure that still meets the expected specifications of when it is new. All used recievers are updated to the latest GNSS firmware, and are range tested to ensure that the radios are still producing the expected range. We test the radios over a 2 mile no line of sight baseline to ensure that they work as expected. 

For all used total stations, we ensure that the instrument is shooting accurate values on both faces of the instruments. We also test the batteries to ensure that they hold their charge, and if they do not meet our standards, new batteries are sourced to replace the existing set. Finally, we get our tech to test the accuracy, and adjust the instrument to ensure it meets specifications. 

The final step we take before selling any used equipment is a thorough cleaning, and replacement of any broken or damaged parts. Just because equipment is used does not mean it should be bruised and battered. With all of our used equipment we replace any broken parts including enclosures, antennas, buttons and more. We want your used equipment to seem like it is new and you are the first owner. 


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