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Used Hemisphere S320 GNSS RTK Base and Rover

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The Hemisphere S320 was the best selling unit of its time. A well-made product will last forever- that’s why our customers are still using the S320. We have high standards for our used equipment: we test, repair, reburbish and clean before selling. You can be assured that your S320 will still work like a charm.


  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 4 Years Old
  • Free Technical Support
  • Carlson SurvCE
  • Internal UHF Radio
  • Network Rover Cellular Modem
  • Works under Tree Canopy
  • 7mm Accuracy
  • Very Fast Time to Fix
  • Raw Data Storage – 2GB SD Card
  • Dual Bluetooth


  • S320 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • S320 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • 2 dual cradle and chargers
  • power cable
  • HI tape
  • UHF High gain antennas


Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS has provided industry leading positioning technology for over twenty years since their inception in 2002. Specializing in positioning, they provide positioning receivers and antennas to a variety of industries, including; Marine, Agriculture, Survey, UAV, Autonomous vehicles and more. Having started in agriculture with the well-known Outback brand, they have since branched out providing the best value positioning instruments on the market. 

Hemisphere has built a reputation on providing high-performance, high-precision and reliable GNSS positioning solutons for a fair and just price. They design their products to be easy to integrate, and to take care of the latest available signals and satellite constellations. With one of the best RTK and positioning engines on the market, you can take these receivers into locations you never would have dreamed with other technology. 

Hemisphere is headquartered in Scottsdale Arizona, and pride themselves on being an American company. With headquarters in Arizona and an office in Kentucky, there is no need to send your equipment overseas for repair, or to deal with tech support that does not speak your language and is not in your time zone. Everything is done in North America, and works their support is available when you are actually working. 

The Hemisphere S631

The Hemisphere S320 is one of the best-selling receivers of all-time here at Bench-Mark. Altough it was only their first forray into providing a survey-grade receiver, the Hemisphere S320 was cutting edge for its time. It provided a robust, reliable and accurate solution that stood up to everything you could throw at it. 

The S320 utilizes an earlier version of the Athena RTK engine, which a now upgraded version can be found inside the Hemisphere S631. The Athena RTK engine excells at providing accurate and precise positions in difficult multip-path environments and over long baselines.




Flexible Communication Options

The Hemisphere S320 can be adapted to meet your needs, whether you need to use the internal radio, cell modem or use the receiver to collect static data. The internal 1 Watt radio offers a lot of flexibility, with the ability to broadcast; CMR, CMR+, RTCM 3 and Hemisphere’s Rox message formats. 

The internal cell modem allows you to connect to NTRIP networks, as well as the ability to broadcast corrections over a cellular network. With our StormCaster solution, you can acheive radio free base to rover range of >10 km. 

The S320 is also incredibly flexible, with the ability to easily log static data to an SD card. All you have to do is insert the SD card and turn the reciever on. 


Used Equipment at Bench-Mark

All of our Bench-Mark used equipment is rigorously tested to ensure that it is still working optimally. We test every piece of equipment to ensure that still meets the expected specifications of when it is new. All used recievers are updated to the latest GNSS firmware, and are range tested to ensure that the radios are still producing the expected range. We test the radios over a 2 mile no line of sight baseline to ensure that they work as expected. 

For all used total stations, we ensure that the instrument is shooting accurate values on both faces of the instruments. We also test the batteries to ensure that they hold their charge, and if they do not meet our standards, new batteries are sourced to replace the existing set. Finally, we get our tech to test the accuracy, and adjust the instrument to ensure it meets specifications. 

The final step we take before selling any used equipment is a thorough cleaning, and replacement of any broken or damaged parts. Just because equipment is used does not mean it should be bruised and battered. With all of our used equipment we replace any broken parts including enclosures, antennas, buttons and more. We want your used equipment to seem like it is new and you are the first owner. 

24 reviews for Used Hemisphere S320 GNSS RTK Base and Rover

  1. Brady Lange – PotashCorp

    I’ve now had plenty of time to learn how to effectively use the equipment it seems to be working perfectly.

  2. Kevin – Bullee Consulting

    Next time we buy another RTK System we will not even consider anything else, we love the s320.

  3. Mathieu – Northcan Surveys

    This Hemisphere S320 tracks satellites and holds a fix position better than any GPS I have ever used before.

  4. Bill – JWL Engineering

    Accuracy is amazing, I turn it on and it just works!

  5. Kevin – University of Calgary

    I like it. Works well around trees and buildings…stays fixed longer, and if fix is lost, regained faster once back out in the open.

  6. Patrick Russnak – Lecor Construction

    I use the S320 it every day for the pipeline work it has performed very well, with near-perfect accuracy. I am very happy with the unit.

  7. Adam – SNC-Lavalin Inc.

    I have had no complaints from my 10 survey crews, so I will take that as a good sign.

  8. Tom Carter – Eagle Creek Technical

    So far so good, no problems. Thanks!

  9. Gord Cunningham, Survey Contractor

    This Hemisphere S320 works just fine.

  10. Casey Pennington – Vesecky Engineering & Surveying

    It is all going well.

  11. Dustin – Pinter & Assoc.

    It’s runs good every day!

  12. Roger – County of Vermilion River

    The equipment is working great.

  13. Steve – Madison Resource Solutions

    The s320 equipment has been working very well for me. Any glitches I have experienced have mainly been my finger input problems.

  14. Michael Byrne – Northwest Harris

    The S320s are working great! It’s one of the smarter purchases I’ve made. The accuracy is 2 times better than using my old sokkia 2700is! The company is very happy with the amount of stakeout I complete.

  15. Bill – TJC Engineering

    The system is working well!

  16. Andrew – BMC Services Ltd.

    The system works really nice.

  17. Cam , A.L.S.

    So far so good, it’s been working pretty good. What I really appreciate is your service.

  18. Danny Benson – Timbercraft

    The S320 is working perfectly, as for the Hemisphere GPS I couldn’t be happier. I can’t believe the difference between the old unit I had before and the S320. It has cut my field work time almost in half so easy to setup, very fast RTK lock fixes and I really like the Carlson software.

  19. Alex Campbell – Northcan Surveys

    Everything is working fine.

  20. Eric A. Zabate – Clifton & Assoc. ltd.

    So far so good, it’s working well. Surveying has been easier since I got it.

  21. Duncan Spenst – Water Security Agency, SK

    The system has been working excellent! We are definitely getting more distance from the base with the Pacific Crest external radio. We were out surveying in some rugged terrain a couple weeks ago and were about 8 miles south of the base and we were still able to get a fix solution.

  22. Paul Grimard – Arpenteur-Géomètre

    L’équipe de support technique de Carlson a rapidement trouvé la solution (qui originait de la configuration de Windows). Ce petit mot pour vous réitérer mon entière satisfaction de faire affaires avec vous et Carlson, tant au point de vue de la qualité des produits qu’à celui des services; je vous recommande à mes collaborateurs !

  23. Edward Salmon – Edward Salmon Surveys, Fort McMurray, AB

    The performance of the S320 receivers is outstanding. The fix comes very fast and holds it in areas that I didn’t get before.

  24. Tammy Smith – OGL Engineering

    Great customer service!

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