Used Carlson BRX5 GNSS RTK Base and Rover

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The Carlson BRX5 contained the best selling technology of its time. A well-made product will last forever – that’s why our customers are still using the BRX5. We completely clean and refurbish all our used BRx5, and only the best-performing that pass a 3 km baseline radio test are sold. Numerous customers are still running this unit – after years and years, the BRx5 still hasn’t lost its touch.


  • 30 Day Warranty
  • 4 Years Old
  • Free Technical Support
  • Carlson SurvCE
  • Internal UHF Radio
  • Network Rover Cellular Modem
  • Works under Tree Canopy
  • 7mm Accuracy
  • Very Fast Time to Fix
  • Raw Data Storage – 2GB SD Card
  • Dual Bluetooth


  • BRX5 GNSS Survey Receiver (Base)
  • BRX5 GNSS Survey Receiver (Rover)
  • Pelican Hard Case
  • 2 dual cradle and chargers
  • power cable
  • HI tape
  • UHF High gain antennas

(tripod and pole not included)



The Hemisphere BRX5 has the flexibility to always get the job done, no matter what application you are looking to work with. It’s both cellular and UHF radio capable, and the internal 1 Watt 400 Mhz radio easily gives you 3 km of range. In addition, being the original receiver StormCaster internet RTK was designed for, it functions as a Network Rover as well.



The BRX5 was renowned for its hot swappable battery capability and the long lasting batteries. Although no longer in its prime, the BRX5 still boasts an impressive 5 hours of battery life. The BRX5 is also built to be surveyor tough- and that’s why it has lasted so long. With an environmental rating of IP67 and a shock rating of EP455, you know this is the receiver you can still rely on for years to come.


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Key Features

  • SMS Communication: Send and receive status messages via SMS
  • Internal Radio SS/UHF & GSM Cellular, Optional UHF 400 MHz or 900 MHz internal radio eliminates the need for cables on both base and rover setups
  • Dual Bluetooth Ports: Connecting data collectors and CDMA modem devices
  • Dual Hot-Swap Batteries Includes two lithium ion batteries, which provides more than 5 hours of battery life
  • 2GB SD Memory Card Removable SD card for data logging with powerful scripting capabilities

24 reviews for Used Carlson BRX5 GNSS RTK Base and Rover

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