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Hemisphere S631 GNSS Smart Antenna


The S631 is Hemisphere’s all-new construction-grade, multi-GNSS, multifrequency smart antenna. This unit is adaptable and highly versatile, meaning it can operate in a variety of modes.  C631 is Athena™-enabled and Atlas®-capable. Tried and true by our customers, this antenna is becoming a highly popular model on the market.


  • Multi-frequency GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo,
    QZSS, IRNSS, and Atlas L-band
  • Long-range RTK baselines up to 50 km with fast
    acquisition times
  • UHF (400 MHz & 900 MHz), cellular, Bluetooth, and Wi-
    Fi wireless communication
  • Athena GNSS engine providing best-in-class RTK
  • Internal sensor corrects collected point coordinates
    to within 2 cm


  • S631 Smart Antenna with 400MHz & 900MHz Radio
  • S631 Battery (2)
  • S631 Battery Charger
  • Eclipse L-Band Activation
  • Eclipse 10 Hz Activation
  • Raw Data Activation
  • 400 MHz & 900MHz Radio Antenna
  • External Power Cable w/ Alligator Clip
  • I/O Cable w/ USB Host, USB Device, DB9
  • Free Bench-Mark Approved Technical Support
  • Best Hemisphere Pricing Guarantee


The Hemisphere S631 GNSS receiver is powered by Athena RTK technology. With Athena, S631 provides state-of-the-art RTK performance when receiving corrections from a static base station or network RTK correction system. With multiple connectivity options, the S631 allows for RTK corrections to be received over radio, cell modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or serial connection. The S631 delivers centimeter-level accuracy with virtually instantaneous initialization times.

The S631 receiver also enables users to work with Atlas. Atlas is Hemisphere’s industry-leading global correction service, which can be added as a subscription to the S631. Atlas delivers world-wide centimeter-level correction data over L-band communication satellites. With Atlas, S631 users are able to experience sub-decimeter positioning performance anywhere on earth, without the need to be near a GNSS or communication infrastructure.


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