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eSurvey GEOSolution Post-Processing Software


eSurvey’s GeoSolution software is the convenient and reliable solution for post-processing data. It doesn’t matter if you are performing network adjustments, static work, or dynamic stop and go work; eSurvey’s GEOSolution can do it all.


  • Windows Based
  • 7 and 4 Parameter Coordinate Systems
  • Geoid Models
  • Static Processing
  • Dynamic Processing
  • “Stop and Go” Processing
  • Supports Network Adjustment


  • GEOSolution Software License


Hardware solutions are not eSurvey’s only specialty- eSurvey also produces software packages that is simple to understand but professional in design. GeoSolution is only one of three other packages available, the other two being SurPad4.0 and NTRIPCaster.


eSurvey’s GeoSolution is eSurvey’s software for post-processing. Along with performing network adjustments, GEOSolution allows you to process your static/dynamic/stop and go data.


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