(2.0) CHCNAV BB4 Rotor UAV Powered by DJI with Alpha Air 450


When paired with DJI’s AlphaAir 450 LiDAR system, CHCNAV’s BB4 provides reliable and professional UAV solutions in countless environments, including agriculture, inspection, topo surveys, and construction. The BB4’s 7.1 kg of payload can take on most gps instruments, and its quick release arms and on board GPS let you quickly switch between applications on site without sacrificing usability or accuracy. The drone has over an hour of flight time and 5 km of range, while at 100m the AlphaAir can take data over 2 square kilometers with more than 200 pts per square metre. Consider yourself sold on the UAV unit that is changing the surveying industry.


BB4 Rotor

  • User-friendly
  • Accurate Position
  • Precise Flight Control System – Tablet Based and Easy to Use
  • Modular Design
  • Large Capacity – up to 7.1 kg

Alpha Air

  • <10 cm HZ, <5 cm V Absolute Accuracy without Control Points @ 50 m
  • 1 kg
  • 256 GB Internal Storage
  • 450 m Max Range
  • Up to 720 pts/sec
  • Built in Sony A5100 Camera, 24.3 MP


  • BB4 Rotor UAV
  • Alpha Air 450


BB4 Rotor UAV

The CHCNAV BB4 Rotor UAV is a high-performance professional drone system. Setting up is a breeze, and so is management of the system itself. The BB4 comes assembled and ready for action, meaning setup only takes 120 seconds.



The BB4’s 7 kg payload capacity gives you the luxury to choose between photogrammetry, 3D modeling, and LiDAR scanning. This single UAV will change your productivity game, giving you over an hour of flight time when used with its two 22000 mAh batteries. Plus, with an operating range of 5 km, you take practically take this drone anywhere in any application. Popular applications include inspection, agriculture, mining, and topographic surveys.



Built with high-resistance carbon fibre, the P550 is not only light but also incredibly durable. This also means that the drone is surprisingly quiet, making it an ideal for work in urban environments.


AlphaAir 450

They meant trouble when CHCNAV and DJI collaborated. DJI’s AlphaAir 450 LiDAR scanner is a high-end incredible UAV that with the BB4 becomes a killer combination.

At a flying height of 100 m and a velocity of 10 m/s the AlphaAir 450 can collect data covering about 2 square kilometers with more than 200 pts per square metre. Together the Livox Avia scanner and high resolution camera allow you to capture the data you need even after one pass. The LiDAR unit has easy-access ports that allow for easy data transfer and drone installation, and the chosen software solution is the CHC CoPre V2.0 software that process all AA450 trajectories.


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