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(2.1) Used Hemisphere S321+ RTK GNSS (6th Gen.) Smart Antenna

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The S321+™ is still one of Hemisphere’s best smart antennas. Durable and compact, The S321+™ provides the quality of big-GNSS brands: Centimeter-level accuracy, instantaneous initialization, and performance even in harsh environments.


  • GPS, GLONASS and BeiDou
  • SMS Communication from Base to Rover & Cell Phone
  • L-Band DGPS Support
  • Internal UHF Radio & Cellular Modem
  • Surveyor Tough Magnesium Housing
  • SureFix & aRTK Intelligence for RTK
  • 4GB Internal Memory, with Expandable SD Memory Slot
  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Long Life Batteries


  • S321+ Smart Antenna with 400MHz radio
  • S321+ Battery (2)
  • S321+ Battery Charger
  • Eclipse L-Band Activation
  • Eclipse 10 Hz Activation
  • Raw Data Activation
  • 400 MHz Radio Antenna
  • Free Bench-Mark Approved Technical Support
  • Best Hemisphere Pricing Guarantee


Hemisphere GNSS

Hemisphere GNSS has been a leader in positioning and GNSS technology since 2002. They offer receiver and antennas to industries such as Marine, Agriculture, Survey, UAV, Autonomous Vehicles, Machine Control and more. They started with the Outback brand in agriculture, before becoming a marine and survey powerhouse. 

Hemisphere is renowned for their ability to provide, efficient, accurate and reliable GNSS positioing solutions at fair prices. They design their products to be simple to use and easy to integrate into existing setups. Their RTK and positioning engines have emerged to be some of the best on the market, helping you gain an edge, even in difficult environments. 

Headquartered out of Scottsdale Arizona, Hemisphere takes pride in being an American company. With branches in Kentucky and Canada, Hemisphere strives to provide local, reliable and responsive technical support that is available in your language and time zone. All service and repair is done in North America, which allows them to provide, fast and prompt turn around times. 

The Hemisphere S321+

The Hemisphere S321+, began the real revolution in RTK performance that has culminated in the S631. The S321+ was the first receiver that was really able to harness the performance of the Athena RTK engine, and provide a reliable and accurate position even when near buildings and under canopy.



BeiDou: B1/B2


Galileo: E1BC/E5a/E5b


Flexible Communication Options

The Hemisphere S321+ has several different options that make it easy to work the way you want to work. Whether that be on the network, UHF radio, Atlas, Static, PPK or however you want to use the receiver. The S321+ is base, rover and static capable out of the box, nothing is locked behind activations. 

The S321+ works great with MicroSurvey’s FieldGenius and makes for an easy to learn package that has all the features you need. With our comprehensive cheat sheets and video guides, the S321+ and FieldGenius has never been easier to pickup and start using. 

In order to keep the S321+ in the best possible shape for as long as possible, it is encased in a hardened magnesium enclosure. The enclosure has an IP67 dust and water proof rating, as well as the ability to survive a 2M pole drop on to concrete. 


Used Equipment at Bench-Mark

All of our Bench-Mark used equipment is rigorously tested to ensure that it is still working optimally. We test every piece of equipment to ensure that still meets the expected specifications of when it is new. All used recievers are updated to the latest GNSS firmware, and are range tested to ensure that the radios are still producing the expected range. We test the radios over a 2 mile no line of sight baseline to ensure that they work as expected. 

For all used total stations, we ensure that the instrument is shooting accurate values on both faces of the instruments. We also test the batteries to ensure that they hold their charge, and if they do not meet our standards, new batteries are sourced to replace the existing set. Finally, we get our tech to test the accuracy, and adjust the instrument to ensure it meets specifications. 

The final step we take before selling any used equipment is a thorough cleaning, and replacement of any broken or damaged parts. Just because equipment is used does not mean it should be bruised and battered. With all of our used equipment we replace any broken parts including enclosures, antennas, buttons and more. We want your used equipment to seem like it is new and you are the first owner. 

7 reviews for (2.1) Used Hemisphere S321+ RTK GNSS (6th Gen.) Smart Antenna

  1. David Sawatzky

    I can tell you everything works flawlessly and we would be in a very tight spot if you hasn’t been able to ship the gear that you did in such short notice! Thanks a ton!! I love the s321 and I like the 15 min aRTK drift option on the 321, it helps us in a lot of situations.

  2. James Kenny – Pasquini & Associates Consulting

    Just an update, well Rene it’s the best built GPS I’ve ever used, I’m completely impressed with the design, the radio is way better now, and since the S321 firmware update it’s repeatability and accuracy has been dead on!

    Also this Mesa2 works awesome in every aspect daylight, it’s viewability is like nothing else on the market and in wet conditions the screen works flawlessly.

  3. Todd Kuntz – City of Saskatoon

    The guys that are using the S321 are very happy with them. They fix quickly and seem to be very accurate.

  4. Peter Llewellyn – DGH Engineering Ltd.

    A great unit. Did even better near trees compared to other GNSS Equipment I’ve used in the past. I will definitely recommend it to others.

  5. David M. Brubacher O.L.S. – Strata Surveys

    I really like the S321. Battery life is great, positioning is very repeatable and I’m liking Carlson SurvCE more and more. I’m very happy with it. Performance in and around trees is excellent.

  6. Osama Saadeldin – Bosys Technologies

    Just wanted to thank you for the great support we got from both of you. S321 is working out pretty good. We went out to the site and the equipment performed nicely. We had a SureFix and it stuck throughout the whole survey, and even after dumping it, it picked it up so quickly. It was a beautiful thing…

  7. John Lohnes, ALS – Vista Geomatics

    Brian and I took the system out on Sunday and we got radio at 10km. I was really surprised. Brian really likes the system. I will have no problem recommending this to people.

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